Plasma Verruca Treatment

Verruca Pen is an innovative and virtually painless treatment that is suitable for adults and children.

The aim of the treatment, as with other verruca treatments, is to create a micro-trauma that will be recognised by the body's immune system and generate an improved immune response to destroy the verruca virus.

What to expect during your treatment.

  • You will be required to wear a mask during this treatment to protect you from any viral plume that may be generated during the treatment.  A mask can be provided if you do not have one with you.

  • Hard skin around the verruca is reduced before treatment.  This is a painless process.

  • Using a sterile probe, the verruca is treated with the Verruca Pen.

  • The tissue of the verruca is destroyed at the surface level, leaving any healthy tissue untouched.

  • No dressing is required after the treatment.

  • You may need several treatments approximately 4 weeks apart.

  • You will be advised of the treatment program that suits you by your practitioner.