Do I need orthoses?

Podiatric Biomechanics is the study of the science of the lower limb alignment and function. In depth knowledge of foot mechanics and lower limb function is used to address structural and postural problems such as heel pain, leg pain, shin splints, tendon problems, knee, hip as well as lower back pain.

A 30 minute biomechanics assessment can determine if corrective orthoses are required.  After the assessment, you may be offered a temporary pair of orthoses to try for approximately 4 weeks (at an additional fee of £12).  You will be booked for a follow up assessment determine if permanent bespoke orthoses are right for you.  

A cast will be taken of your feet and bespoke insoles are milled with a built in prescription to correct your foot position and relieve you of your pain and discomfort.

Our bespoke orthoses are guaranteed never to crack, break or wear out.  Orthoses only need to be renewed if the foot size has changed more than 2 shoe sizes, there has been significant weight gain or loss or if your gait has dramatically changed.