The treatment of ingrowing/painful toe nails

Ingrowing/pailful toe nails can become extremely uncomfortable and difficult to keep under control.  Nail surgery, in some cases, is the only option to alleviate the recurring discomfort caused by an ingrown/painful toe nail.  Once healed, there may be no further treatment required and can put an end to repeated antibiotics and pain.
​Patients who are interested in nail surgery must first visit the clinic for an initial consultation to ensure the procedure is suitable.
​Once the procedure has been discussed and approved, you will be booked in for nail surgery with one of our qualified podiatrists.
​Local anaesthetic is used to numb the area and part or all of the nail carefully removed.  A chemical treatment is applied to prevent future nail growth to ensure the issue does not arise again.
​The procedure typically takes 60 minutes for one nail.  A follow up appointment will be booked approximately 3-5 days after surgery to redress and check the wound to ensure it is healing well.  Additional dressings will be provided for the patient if required.
​The foot will need to be kept dry for up to 2 weeks after the treatment to support the healing process.  (Shower proof foot socks are available to purchase.)  
​Patients typically find the wound is fully healed in approximately 4 weeks.

Please note it is advised patients should NOT drive immediately after the procedure whilst the toe is numb, as this may invalidate your insurance.