Toe Nail Cutting

A toe nail cut appointment is shorter than a routine appointment at 15 minutes.  This deals with all routine nail care issues.
A toe nail cut appointment is suitable for thickened or damaged nails, fungal nails, involuted or mild ingrown toe nails and nails that are just too far away to reach!
This service is perfect for regular treatment of nails and checking general foot health for patients with diabetes.
If you have deep ingrown nails, you may need more than a toe nail cut appointment.  You may be charged for a full appointment if you require more than a routine nail cut.
Please note that patients in need of a toe nail cut, who are visiting the clinic for the first time, will need to book a First Visit appointment which lasts 30 minutes as a full assessment will be made to determine the correct treatment plan going forward.
Nail polish should be removed prior to having any nail treatment.  The practitioner may not be able to treat you if polish is still present.