Testing, advice and treatment 

Athletes foot is caused by a fungus on the skin which causes:​

  • itchy rash

  • flaking skin

  • wet cracked skin between the toes

  • small white blister like pustules


The above symptoms can occur on the bottom of the foot as well as between the toes, and the fungus can thrive in a warm damp environment.

Fungal spores can also transfer into the nail, so early treatment is advised to avoid this.

During a routine appointment, your condition will be assessed, a treatment plan put in place and advice given to ensure the problems are resolved as soon as possible.

Fungal nails can be harder to treat as the fungal spores are often under the nail plate, making it hard for over the counter topical treatment to reach.  During a routine or toe nail cut appointment, small holes are drilled into the hard nail plate to ensure topical treatments can treat deep set infections. This is known as the Lacuna method.